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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Neon Luminosity

"At some point, you have to realize that some people has to take their own path not the same as yours but will always stay in your heart."
Just a random thought that I wanted to share to all the people out there who is or will be away from their love one.


Back to fashion blogging. :)


This skirt is just LOVE! Not only does it give me the illusion of hips, but the length is ideal for a fun office/work look. The neon color just illuminates all over, I also coordinated my outfit with neon colored accessories  and matched it with a white top, So it’s not overwhelming at all.
 You can never go wrong with neon colors.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sparkling Star

A Day of Business and Saturdate

What I wore today is a long simple black dress with a star as its detail. and to give it a little pop of color I wore a orange belt and this interesting headband with colored feathers from Iam Chique really love it..:)
And its a no make up day for me. I need to rest my face from any chemicals, so I beg your pardon for that.

This is the Business part. Please come and visit Iam Chique online boutique they have lots of chic and affordable items ever.

and then the FUN part. :)
the mozzarella pizza is <3 just pure love for cheese..;)
THANKS a lot shemang..:D

Before ending the night we gurlz just wanna have fun and sing our hearts out.
It was a productive and Fun day for me, I hope yours is too.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Rainbow colors and Gold

 Thank God its Friday...:)

Subtle print shorts, these shorts from Iam Chique are quite a huge statement. The loud tropical print is so me and I am so loving it.
  Since I don’t think loud print-on-loud print trend suit well, I decided to play the shorts down a bit by wearing a white top that is actually quite nifty! Under sunlight, the floral print of the shorts shows through and the color really pops out.

Just to give this outfit more pop of color, I decided to turn to gold accents!
Super in love with this shorts that fits me perfectly! The print and color is so me - not too shapeless, but not too short short either. Just the right amount of chic.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Double date

So I just had a laid back day of happiness with my loves..:)
Met up with my yobo and ate our lunch to jump start our day. We just love our finger licking good Kentucky fried chicken..:)

Yes this is our favorite game and he is really good at it..:)
We decided to watch the movie Prometheus its a story of a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race. I would score the movie 8/10 overall. we love it.
by the way this is my look for the day.  i went for a simple,comfy and cutesy look. :)

I also met up with my pretty best friends. the one in white is cheenie and blue is bonniefaye. aren't they pretty? :)
fact: we have been friends for 15 years and still counting..:)

we watched the 5th Indayag festival cheer dance competion and the winner was from General Santos city, they totally deserve it from the execution, synchronization and gymnastics they were superb. 

We wanted something different to do today. We wanted to feel like a kid again just fun fun fun. we rode the 4d experience but the 4d glasses was not good at all compared to the one they had at their abreeza ayala mall branch. Also played at the world of fun and found a new and really interesting game for me that needs patience and tactics.

After all the games and fun we just chilled, had our zagu and a lot of non ending chit chats. 
Its time to go home to watch our favorite show of coco martin...weeee. :)

Thanks all for reading my blog. Have a good one everyone!

Its me yobo ;)
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Black and white

What i like about this look is even though its simple it looks great when worn together. Black and white does really go together. and when paired with accessories because of how minimal the outfit is, the accessorie's colors can pop out.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my YOBO..;)

I love this guy not because of his good looks,great smile, and what not.
but how he treats me like a princess, how he understands me and how he loves me unconditionally.

I love the way he tell me that I’m beautiful,
and the way he make me laugh like no one else.:D

I love the way he speaks his mind and tell me about his opinions.
I love the way he's not afraid to cry and show his feelings.

I love the way he call me in the middle of the day just to say " I LOVE YOU." and say how much he miss me.

I love the way he do all of these and the fact that he's not ashamed to do it.

I love the way you treat me,
and I'm glad to be yours...YOBO..;)
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What a colorful start

So this is my first look on lookbook.
Wearing colorful clothes just makes me feel happy and also it makes you stand out in the crowd. My best friend leah (also a blogger gave me the top that she so so soooo like which she bought from a bazaar at Davao convention.
                  Also you can pair it with anything from accessories to shoes. the accessories and purse are from Iam Chique online shop ( they have lots of budget friendly stuff check them out.

So lets go for full color may it be in any season of the year. 
and don't forget to hype me on lookbook.:)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Newbie blogger

Petit nouveau

Hi everyone! I’m Janice but you can call me nice, 
and I am new to this blogging domain and still have a long way to go. 
First off, let me tell why I started this blog: 
my friends were tired of hearing me talk about nonstop fashion, kpop stuff and what not, and told me to start writing it all down instead. 
It was their unintentional encouragement to put this blog up. 
so blame them for this, nah just joking. 
Anyways as you pass by you will get to see a lot of random things and i hope you would get to like my blog and no haters please. 
just peace, happiness and love love love.


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